Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

Providing Reliable Equipment To The Metal Forming And Processing Industries Of Floor Deck Roll Forming Production Line.  We Meet & Exceed Customers’ Requirements Of All Kinds of Floor Decking Panel. The Feature Of  Our Machine Is High Speed, High Quality And Good Price.


Ⅰ: Plate cut : (final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine


Ⅱ: Working flow diagram

No power uncoiling—guide feeding—roller forming—cutting to length—plate unloading


metal deck roll forming machine price

Ⅲ: Machine components

10T no power uncoiler, roll forming machine, shearer, hydraulic unit, PLC control cabinet, unloading worktable 2 nos


Ⅳ: Main parameters

1Uncoiler:no power uncoiler, manual expanding
2Uncoiler loading weight:10T
3Guide feeding frame type: side hand wheel
4Forming machine type:wallboard chain transmission
5Shaft diameter: Φ85, solid shaft
6Machine roller way nos.:34
7Forming machine motor power:11 KW (3 pcs.)
8Forming machine speed:16-20m/min (excluding shearing)
9Frame:360 H-shaped steel, channel steel welded
10Hydraulic unit motor:5.5KW
11Hydraulic unit oil pump:gear pump 316
12Shearing blade material:Cr12
13Shearing way:hydraulic shearing
14Rolling thickness:0.8-1.5mm
15Rolling material developed width:1220mm, galvanized sheet
16To length accuracy:10m±1mm
17Roller material:high quality 45# steel, tempered
18Roller hard chrome plating thickness:≥0.05mm
19Plate cut size: final confirmed by both two parties, vertical angle scope:87-90°


Ⅴ: Machine photos for your reference

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