Guide rail rack roll forming machine

In order to meet the production needs, we supply machines that improve the production of guide rails. The machine is already on sale, and the produced guide rails are widely used in various fields such as household and industrial.


Ⅰ. Plate cut:(final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

Ⅱ. Working flow:

Uncoiling — servo punching — storing — side guide feeding — roll forming — follow cut — unloading

Ⅳ.Machine component parts:

1Suitable materialType:CR galvanized steel
Plate thickness (mm)0.6-1.0
Yielding strength (Mpa)420-480mpa, elongation more than 20%
Plate width (mm)39
2Roll forming speed (m/min)About 10
3Main motor power of forming machine (KW)7.5
4Motor power of hydraulic station (KW)11
5Servo motor of feeder (KW)1
6Follow motor (KW)1.8
7Uncoiler motor power (KW)3
8Total power (KW)25.5
9Power supplyAC380V, 50Hz, three-phase
10Overall dimension (LxWxH) (m)5.5x0.8x1.2

Ⅲ.Main parameters:



guide roll forming machine price
2.roll forming machine

guide rail roll forming machine

3.hydraulic shearing system

guide rail roll forming machine price

4.electric control system

guide rail roll forming machine price

5.unloading worktable

guide rail roll forming machine price

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