Driving Track Forming Machine

Use imported PLC system, and touch screen to realize human machine interaction,this forming machine produces angle style form. The product length set with number, length adjustable.


Ⅰ. Plate cut:(final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

cold roll forming machine manufacturer


Ⅱ. Working flow:

Motorized uncoiling — guide feeding — extruding — roll forming — leveling — hydraulic cutting — unloading

cold roll forming machine manufacturer

Ⅲ. Main parameters:

1Forming speed0-10m/min
2Roller way nos.14
3Shaft diameterΦ90mm
4Roller material Cr15, vacuum heat treatment HRC58-62, service life can reach 2,000,000m
5Shaft material40Cr
6Main motor22KW
7Transmission systemwallboard chain drive

Ⅳ.Machine component parts:

false ceiling channel making machine

2.roll forming machine



hannel roll forming machine
3.hydraulic shearing system

sheet metal roll forming machines

4.electric control system

down pipe roll forming machine

5.unloading worktable

Floor Decking Panel Roll Forming Machine

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