Drawer Guiding Rail Forming Machine

Drawer Guiding Rail Forming Machine is a cold roll forming process, which makes the roofing product, but requires a higher performance in profile. There are various types of drawer guiding rail in the market to apply on different usage,For example,  oven slides, rail for door sliding, and window cabinets  etc.


Ⅰ. Plate cut:(final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

cold rolling forming machine
Ⅱ. Working flow:

cold rolling forming machine
Ⅲ. Main parameters:

1Suitable materialType:CR galvanized steel
Plate thickness (mm)0.8-1.0
Yielding strength (Mpa)420-480, elongation more than 20%
Plate width (mm)45
2Roll forming speed (m/min)About 10
3Main motor power of forming machine (KW)7.5
4Motor power of hydraulic station (KW)7.5
5Servo motor of feeder (KW)1.5
6Uncoiler motor power (KW)3kw
7Total power (KW)19.5
8Power supplyAC380V, 50Hz, three-phase
9Overall dimension (LxWxH) (m)5.5x0.4x1.2

Ⅳ.Machine component parts:

cold rolling forming machine
2.roll forming machine

cold rolling forming machine
3.hydraulic shearing system

cold rolling forming machine
4.electric control system

down pipe roll forming machine
5.unloading worktable

cold rolling forming machine

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