Double -row Ceiling Keel Roll Forming Machine

This line can auto continuously roll forming and follow cutting, to achieve continuous production and high productivity. Put coil onto manual uncoiler, then roll forming, and to length cutting.


Ⅰ: Plate cut: (final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

Double row ceiling roll forming machineDouble row ceiling roll forming machine

Ⅱ: Working flow diagram

Manual uncoiling → guide feeding → roll forming → leveling → follow cutting → auto stacking


double-row ceiling keel forming machine


Ⅲ: Machine components

Manual uncoiler, Roll forming machine, Double-row follow shearer, Receiving table, Computer control system


Ⅳ: Main parameters

  1. Material: galvanized plate
  2. Material thickness range: 0.3-1.0mm
  3. Product cutting accuracy: ≤±2mm
  4. Machine occupied area: about 12mX2mX3m (LxWxH)
  5. Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase


Ⅴ: Machine photos for your reference

Manual uncoiler

double row ceiling keel roll forming machine

Roll forming machine

double row ceiling keel roll forming machine

Double-row follow shearer

double row ceiling forming machinedoble-row ceiling keel forming machine

Receiving table

double row ceiling forming machine

Computer control system

doble-row ceiling keel forming machine




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