Corrugated Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Professional Manufactory of Corrugated Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine. Hot Sale Of Corrugated Plate Roll Forming Machine With Good Price .


Ⅰ: Plate cut: (final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

corrugated roof roll forming


Ⅱ:  Working flow diagram

Automatic uncoiling → guide feeding → roller forming → cut to length → plate discharge

corrugated roof roll forming machine works

Ⅲ: Machine component parts:

1.Hydraulic uncoiler

5 Ton hydraulic uncoiler
2.ultrasonic sensor
3.forming machine

corrugated roll forming machine price

corrugated sheet forming machinecorrugated sheet manufacturing machine
4.shearing machine

corrugated sheet forming machine
5.hydraulic unit

Accumulator hydraulic station control cabinet

electric control system
7.discharge worktable

discharge worktable


Ⅳ: Main parameters

1Uncoiler:automatic uncoiler, hydraulic expanding, loading weight 5t, motor 5.5KW (equipped with ultrasonic sensor)
2Guide feeding type:side roller
3Forming machine type:guide pillar chain transmission
4Shaft diameter:Φ70; roller way nos.:18
5Forming machine motor power:7.5KW
6Forming machine speed:12-30m/min (excluding shearing)
7Frame:I-steel and channel steel welded
8Hydraulic unit motor:3KW
9Hydraulic oil pump:gear pump
10Shearing blade material:Cr12
11Shearing way:hydraulic shearing
12Rolling thickness:0.3-0.6mm
13Rolling material developed width:925mm
14Cut to length:10m±1.5mm
15Roller material:high quality 45# steel, tempered
16Roller hard chromium≥ 0.05mm
17Plate cut size: confirm to construction standard GBT/12755-91, height error +/-1.5mm, width error +/-5mm


Ⅴ: Machine photos for your reference


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