Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machine function with aluminum sheet as raw material, to do the uncoiling—roll forming—cut to length—auto unloading. Lift sheets to uncoiler with forklift or crane, then manual guide material to roll forming machine to do continuously roll forming, rotary encoder to length and auto shearing, and then next sheet will push product out, whole production auto continuously production.


Ⅰ. Plate cut: (final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

false ceiling channel making machine

Ⅱ: Machine component parts:

uncoiler/leveler,roll forming machine,electric control system,unloading table

Ⅲ: Main parameters

1Type1, 3 series aluminum sheet
2Coil thickness (mm)0. 6 -0. 8
3Forming speed m/min0-1 5
4StraightnessL≤1000mm ±1.0. Related to material quality
5StraightnessL≤1000mm curvature no more than 2mm, torsion no more than 2º
6Product sectional dimensionAs per drawing or sample
7Surface qualityNo obvious wrinkles, uneven, scratch, burr, etc.
8Forming main motor power (kw)4.5
9Shearing motor power (kw)2.2

Ⅳ: Machine photos for your reference


false ceiling channel making machine

roll forming machine

ceiling channel roll forming machine priceceiling channel roll forming machine pricefalse ceiling channel making machine

electric control system

electric control system

unloading table

ceiling channel roll forming machine price

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