Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

This equipment can do the uncoiling, leveling, punching, shearing, and roller forming. It’s not necessary to remove any parts, by setting PLC program, it can automatically switch to needed sizes, different sizes shifted by adjusting assembling dies. Punching & to lengt finished at one time, very fast, steady and safe


Ⅰ: Plate cut: (final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

channel cable tray


Ⅱ: Product specification

No.Length (m)Width (mm)Height (mm)Thickness (mm)


Ⅲ: Working flow diagram

cable manufacturing machine price in india

Motor drive uncoiling—guide feeding—leveling—mechanical punching—hydraulic shearing—feeding—roll forming—plate unloading


Ⅵ:  Machine main components


cable tray forming machine Uncoiler



3.Punching die
cable tray production line

4.Shearing machine
cable tray roll forming machine
cable tray making machine
5.Side guide
6.Roll forming machine
cable tray manufacturing machine
cable tray roll forming machine
cable manufacturing machine price in india
cable tray manufacturing machine
7.Electric control system
electric control system
8.Hydraulic control system
hydraulic shearing system
Ⅴ: Main parameters

1 Suitable material:C.R., galvanized steel, (Q195-Q235)
2Material thickness:0.8-2.0mm
3Coil width:≤1000mm
4Coil I.D.: ≤ Ф610mm ( normal Ф508mm, or as per client’s request)
5Product height:≤150mm
6Product width:≤600mm
7Line speed:8-15m/min (big size low speed, and small size high speed)
8Product length:≥2-10m
9Rolled product straightness accuracy:≤±3mm/10m
10Rolled product angle accuracy:≤±1-1.5°/10m
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