Angle Roll Forming Machine

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Ⅰ. Plate cut: (final plate cut confirmed by both two parties)

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Ⅱ:  Working flow diagram

No power uncoiling—guide feeding—roller forming—cutting to length—plate unloading

angle rolling machine for sale

Ⅲ: Machine component parts:

No power uncoiler, roll forming machine, hydraulic control system, PLC control cabinet, unloading worktable


Ⅳ: Main parameters

1Uncoiler: no power uncoiler
2Uncoiler load weight:3T
3Frame:I-steel & channel steel welded
4Guide feeding frame type:side hand wheel
5Forming machine type:wallboard chain transmission
6Shaft diameter:Φ50
7Forming machine power:4KW
8Forming machine speed:0-15m/min (excluding shearing)
9Machine roller way nos.:9
10Roller material:high quality 45# steel, NC machining
11Roller surface:hard chrome plated, thickness 0.05mm
12Shearing way:hydraulic shearing
13Hydraulic motor: 3KW
14Hydraulic control system pressure:12Mpa
15Rolling thickness:0.3-0.8mm
16To length accuracy:±1.5mm


Ⅴ: Machine photos for your reference

manual uncoiler

angle rolling machine for sale

roll forming machine

roll forming machine for sale

angle board rolling machine manufacturer

hydraulic control system

angle forming machine

PLC control cabinet

angle rolling machine

unloading worktable

angle rolling machine for sale

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